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Many people search the internet for the term horse racing tips today.  On this page you will occasionally get a KILLER nailed on free horse racing tip, but our main aim is to help you to understand how to come up with your own selection more effectively.

I am a firm believer in the old adage, give a man a fish and he gets one meal, teach him to fish and he feeds his family for the rest of his life!

Free Horse Racing TipsThe first thing I learned  about selecting winning horses is you do not start by looking for the horse that will win the race.

Sounds weird does it not?

Let me explain in a little more depth, your aim when looking at any horse race should be to establish firstly if you can reliably pick the winner of that type of race on a regular basis. I find some races like Maidens, 5f Sprints and a number of other races are too unpredictable to select the winner on a regular basis, maybe this is because for example in 5f sprint races the break is so important, or for example in maiden races many horses may not even have run before, and some are maybe only out to gain a low handicap mark as a start to their handicap career.

When I get the race-cards, usually the night before race day the first thing I do is get rid of any races where I do not believe I can reliably pick the winner, based on my own personal past performance in these type of races.

This leaves me with a smaller more manageable number of race cards to further study.

I usually prioritize the higher value races and the races where my statistics show I have the best success rate. Higher value races usually are truer ran races, but be-careful of Group and Listed races where a number of foreign horses are traveling as sometimes the horse form which you will look at as the last step of picking a winner may not be as easy to compare.

Keeping your own betting stats will help you identify the type of races you have more success in over time.

My next job is to look at an individual race and I like to identify key statistics around the types of horses that win and do badly in the type of race in question.

My initial aim is to get rid of as many horses out of the races as I can eliminate.  If you read my Grand National post you will get a much better idea of the kind of things I look at, such filters as age, weight, previous racing in the last week are all considered, this is based on extensive research of what has won or been placed in these type of race before.

Please note at this point I am still not looking for the winner of the race just looking to eliminate horses that the statistics tell me are less likely to win, yes you may actually kick out the winner, but using this approach of time will mean your strike rate increases.

When this approach is applied even in a big 40 runner race like the Grand National you can eliminate a large number of horses, in the 2013 my shortlist came down to 6 horses from the initial 40 runners.

Next look at the horses that are left and see if any of them fit the criteria of previous winning horses, again use as many variables as you can, including things like age, weight, wining form over the distance, in jumps races the numbe rof times the horse has fell, I usually ignore unseated rider entries as this may not have been caused by the horse itself.

If you can find an entry that meets all your criteria then I would do traditional form analysis and compare that horse to the others I have left in my short list. My general rule is if after I have done all of this I am left with one or two horses and the odds permit it I will have a bet.  If am in any doubt I move on to the next race until I find something that fits my criteria.

Over time as I share race analysis with you you will get a better feel for this approach. I will also covering staking and answer such questions as do you back to win, back to place, back each way, or even back with a saver bet.

After studying today’s racing I could not find a bet that met my criteria so

Free Horse Racing Tip Today NO BET


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