Free Bet Calculator

Free Bet Calculator

Please find below the download link to our free bet calculator, this will allow you to work out the returns (winnings) for many complex bets such as doubles, trebles, patents, lucky 15, luck31. lucky 63, accumulators.

This calculator will work out many bookmakers specials and includes calculators for the following


  • free bet calculator Ladbrokes
  • free bet calculator for Paddy power
  • free bet calculator Football
  • free bet calculator Tricast
  • free bet calculator Lucky 31
  • free bet calculators for William Hill

The best calculator we have found can be downloaded and trialed free of charge by click this link Download Free Bet Calculator

Free Bet Calculator

You can see from the screen image this calculator has a number of options covering a wide variety of bets you might place on a regular basis, including working out your winnings for singles, doubles, trebles, four fold, five folds, patents, lucy 31, luck 63, and goliath bets


If rather than looking for a free bet calculator you are simple looking to check the best possible odds available on any given race please use our odds checker.

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