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Free Bet 2016 Grand National

With the 2015 Grand National approaching it is time to start thinking about having a bet, this will make the big race more exicting and give you a chance of winning some serious money as often higher priced horses win and place in this race.

I am going to let you into a seccret, you can actually get a free grand national bet with nearly any bookmaker. Yes free money to bet with!. This will only work if you are a new customer to a particular online bookie, as they have these promotional offer to attract new customers.

I know what you are asking is it really free money, well yes and no. There is one small catch and that is they will only give you an amount up to the amount you are prepared to invest yourself. Let me explain.

Free 2015 Grand NAtional bet line UpFor exampple if you wanted to get up to £200 in free grand national bets and you had never been a custome rof bet365 you could depsosit £200 in toyou new account and then they would give you an additional £200, you could then bet with there two hundred pounds in the national or other events, but at some stage you still have to wager your £200 as well. You can open an account with any amount of money but the bookie will only match up to what is show in the table on the right. So just choose you bookie and click there link and presto free money to have a bet in the Grand National.

So now you have your free bet what do you do with it. Today 26/3 the final lsit of runners and riders has not been decided, but you can still bet, the oddds at this stage are likely to be higher and better value as you are not sure if the horse you pick will actually get in and run. So betting the horse with a run, which some bookies offer as an options is adviseable.

I have spent a good while seeing where my free grand national bet is going to go and I ahve my initial shortlist all of which I will back now and then probably have another bet on the days itself when I see the final line up.

For those interested my selections include AL CO, GODSMEJUDGE, PORTRAIT KING, & MONBEG DUDE each would have very good each way or win and place chances and I have probably listed them in my order of preference.

The grand National is the perfect time to look for value and have a flutter a free grand national bet will help you enjoy the race more and giveyou a chance to win with the bookies money. Why not click the link on the right and have some 2015 Grand National Fun

For a fuller set of statistics to see why I have chosen these horses for our free grand national bet click the link.

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